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FEIGN INTERNATIONAL was established in 1997. At start we have just 5-10 numbers of employee working under us and we were selling local clients in our EUROPE AND USA, But with almighty Allah after success of our SMALL business we move our business to international markets and start selling worldwide. As our products demand increases, we hire more employee's (50-70 ) and add more working units and machinery in our company. Our goal is to provide top quality in FITNESS LEGGINGS to get 100% satisfaction from our clients worldwide. We also aim to communicate with our clients in a friendly atmosphere plus provide them quick feedback asap. FEIGN INTERNATIONAL enjoys a vast resources consisting of large facilities equipped with state of the art machinery, highly skilled labor, and well educated , proactive and allegiance management team .

These credentials have been utilized to the optimum level to serve it's clients in the best possible way.Manufacturers and exporters of FITNESS APPAREL like Fitness Leggings , Sports bra , Hoodies , t-shirts , Tank tops , Shorts , Gloves , belts , Straps and wraps , gyms bags , snap back hats and all other weightlifting and Powerlifting goods. Export Countries Europe , America , Australia, Asia, middle east , and Africa. .


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Corporate Governance entails the long-term improvement of value for the Group in the best interest of its customers, employees and other stakeholders. It describes the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different participants in the Group , such as the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board, Managers and Employees as well as other parties involved. At FEIGN INTERNATIONAL , Corporate Governance is characterized by competence, transparency and openness in reporting and the comparability in accounting through the implementation of International Accounting Standards as well as a special focus on social and environmental affairs.Core Values

Integrity and Respect, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Excellence and Accountability Community and Social Responsibility, These are some of the core values of the FEIGN INTERNATIONAL . We measure ourselves by these values, and we measure our business partners in the same way.

We treat each of our customers, associates, vendors and investors with the integrity and respect deserving of a member of the company family. We strive towards understanding and anticipating what our customers want, and more importantly, delivering what they truly value.

We participate on teams and work well with colleagues to unleash the power of teamwork throughout our company.

We take personal ownership for ensuring that we strive for excellence in all aspects of our daily responsibilities. We play an active role in enhancing the quality of life both personally and in our community.

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